Preparing for Practice in Nova Scotia

The Welcome Collaborative is designed to support physicians who have trained outside of Canada, have been issued a licence, and are new to practising in Nova Scotia. It is an orientation program aimed to help physicians to successfully integrate into the healthcare system.

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Members of the Advisory Council: Dr. Yinka Akin-Deko, Dr. Gaynor Watson-Creed, Dr. Emmanuel Ajuwon

Meet our Advisory Council

The Welcome Collaborative is guided by an Advisory Council. Drawing from the professional, academic, and lived experience of its members.

The Advisory Council advises on the challenges and barriers faced by physicians trained outside of Canada upon arrival in Nova Scotia.

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Great quality presentations and presenters. Really useful to help in understanding how the health system works (including outside of your specialty). Sharing our experiences with other foreign-trained physicians was great and comforting. It is also great to see the College cares about us. It gave me more energy for the future.

Welcome Collaborative Physician Participant
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