An Orientation Program for Physicians Trained Outside of Canada

Supporting Physicians Trained Outside of Canada


Orientation Sessions for Physicians Trained Outside Canada

The Welcome Collaborative is designed to support physicians who have trained outside of Canada have been issued a medical licence and are new to practising in Nova Scotia. While the orientation program is aimed to help physicians to successfully integrate into the healthcare system, the feedback from participating participants provides invaluable insight into how we can better support their onboarding and success in practice. 

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia developed the Welcome Collaborative which is delivered by several physician leaders and partner organizations including:

Welcome Collaborative Pilot

The orientation program was piloted in October 2022 with eight newly licensed doctors.

From left to right: Dr. Michael, Rhonda Kirkwood,(Director of Physician Performance at CPSNS) Dr. Omorede Osayande, Dr. Manal Eliad, Dr. Michael Fatokun, Dr. Chizoma Osemwegie, Dr. Gus Grant, (Registrar & CEO of CPSNS)  Laura Avery (Program Lead at CPSNS), Dr. Olusola Ojo, Dr. Adeolu Akinboro, Dr. Ama Asiedu

The provincial government has invested $1.3 million to develop this orientation program offering doctors coming to Nova Scotia support, mentorship, and a sense of community.  The program will be evaluated to determine its impact.

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