Guiding Principles

The Welcome Collaborative’s guiding principles were developed with the oversight of the program’s Advisory Council. The principles aim to articulate a set of values and approaches that inform the design, ongoing development, and delivery of the program.

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Guiding Principles

Our Purpose

The guiding principles seeks to frame the continuous improvement efforts by way of evaluation, and engagement with participating physicians and partners.  Over time, the principles seek to build and support the program’s culture, specifically how the program is experienced by all who participate in the Welcome Collaborative.


In supporting physicians to successfully integrate into medical practice, we aim to be accessible to all as we recognize the knowledge of our healthcare system and of the broader culture will be varied.  We aim to support each physician with their unique lived experience while addressing their learning needs as they journey along their licensing pathway.


We embrace active listening recognizing that while we aspire to be non-judgmental and free from prejudice our perspectives and interactions are rooted in concepts of professionalism that in and of themselves contain bias. In this way the principle of being respectful calls us to be open to self-exploration in our engagement with all.

Purposeful Engagement

The principle of purposeful engagement speaks to the aspiration of building trustworthy relationships with all involved in this initiative. Engagement aims to be informative for participants providing practical tools and content to support their success.  This principle rests upon the intentional and equitable inclusion of diverse voices rather than the homogenization of difference.

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Community Building

We aim to facilitate connections that foster a sense of belonging and the development of roots within the medical profession and the community at large. We seek to support the forming of professional, stakeholder and peer networks that assist with welcoming physicians into communities.

Cultural Humility

Cultural humility is not only committed to learning about another culture, but is dedicated to ongoing self-examination of our beliefs, values, and assumptions in mitigating systemic power imbalances.  Cultural humility promotes relationships based on respect, open and effective dialogue, and mutual decision-making.

Continuous Improvement

This principle reflects our commitment to continuous learning as a way of being throughout the development, delivery, and evaluation of this initiative. Continuous improvement is built upon open inquiry, active listening, and respectful dialogue.

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